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Internet Services

We are idealists. Our ideal Internet services offer the fastest and the most reliable connection existent.


Fibre  and Cable Service

Need more bandwidth? Our Fibre or Cable Internet Services offer up to 1 GB download and up to 50 MB upload. That’s 200 times the download bandwidth of a standard DSL connection. Ensure your employees are as productive as possible when accessing and sharing information. Consistent download speeds eliminate fluctuations that might interrupt important business transactions. You’ll be able to take full advantage of the speed you’re paying for.


DSL Service

Your business requires a high speed dedicated access option that complements your budget priorities and strategic growth objectives. DSL Internet provides low cost, high bandwidth access to ensure consistent communication with partners, suppliers and most importantly, customers. With DSL Internet, you have a choice of options to suit your business requirements – gaining enough power to support basic Internet functions like e-mail and browsing without the complexity required by sophisticated Internet applications.



You have a growing business. So naturally, you want an access solution that can grow with you. E10 and E100 Internet enables you to support business-critical, bandwidth intensive applications driving key functions including customer care, process efficiency and partner collaboration. Depending on your budget, you can choose between fixed rate and usage-based options. If you need to anticipate costs and require a high, sustained rate of data transfer per month, then fixed rate is the right option for you.



As your business expands in new directions, you are relying on increasingly complex Internet applications to sustain strategic initiatives. The more complex the application, the more bandwidth it requires. OC3 Internet provides high bandwidth, high availability and the flexibility to scale to large bandwidth requirements quickly and easily. With the optimum performance of OC3 Internet, you can provide access to multiple users simultaneously, ensure availability of mission-critical applications and support bandwidth-intensive applications.

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    High speed internet service

    Don’t let a slow connection slow you down. A fast and reliable Internet connection helps your employees stay on task and be efficient, preventing the costly drain of the time lost. With Intelecom Solutions you have a myriad of options for you Internet service. We guarantee to provide your business with the fastest and the most reliable connection available with no data limits. Try our services and notice the difference; your connection speed and security will be that of a satellite. Really. Just try.