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Security Services

Commercial security solutions designed to protect against the bad guys. Focus on client safety lets clients to focus on business growth.


Business Security

Protect your business with security systems custom-designed for your needs and budget. Intelecom Solutions’ security systems will provide reliable and comprehensive intrusion detection and protection for all aspects of business. Flexible and scalable, security solutions include video surveillance, access control, and intrusion detection for properties’ perimeters, interiors, as well as company’s networks and data. From confidential data, to a store holdup button, to a building complex, to multiple business locations, we advice, install, service and support all types of security systems for our clients, and are with them every step of the way.


Access Control

Access control systems can control a single door or hundreds of them, and will keep you informed of exact office activity even when you are away. Access is granted upon recognized credentials via fobs etc., which can be set up individually or by group. Every occurrence is recorded in real time and the data is readily accessible. Unauthorized access attempts are recorded, as well as anything unordinary, where an alarm might be triggered. Intlecom Solutions’ access control systems provide unparalleled security strength and flexibility, while recording staff attendance and timing. Intelecom Solutions’ access control systems let you decide who, what, when and where.


Video Surveillance

Monitor your property from anywhere in the world. Video surveillance has the power to prevent crimes and to keep your business running smoother. Conspicuous video surveillance cameras deter theft, vandalism and trespassing on business and residential properties. Our systems will let you to watch live feed from the cameras wherever you are, as long as you have Internet connection. Intelecom Solutions supplies, installs and services complete video surveillance systems and hybrid surveillance solutions for IP and CCTV cameras. Intelecom Solutions provides flexible and advanced options that will grow along with your business. Watch this!

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    Installation Services

    Certain things are best left to professionals. Intelecom Solutions offers professional installation for your business and residence security systems. Our security consultants will advise on the best security measures to protect your property and meet your business needs. Our technicians have the educational know how and professional experience to install any security system correctly. Feel safe and secure without denting your budget.